New Haven Plans to Restore Monument Access

Soldier's and Sailors' Monument, New HavenA short update on the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument at the summit of New Haven’s East Rock Park: the city plans to replace the interior staircase that originally led to an observation deck 110 feet from the monument’s base. According to an article in today’s New Haven Register, the next phase of the monument’s restoration calls for the construction of a new interior stairway and an overhaul of the plaza area surrounding the monument’s base.

The city plans to complete the project by November, and we hope to make the climb as soon as the new stairs are ready.

Once that phase is completed, the city plans to refurbish the plaques and four lower-level statues (which would benefit from a good sprucing-up).

Congratulations and bravo to New Haven and the state of Connecticut for securing the funding for the monument’s restoration. Well done.

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