World War II Monument, Shelton

Shelton honors veterans lost in World War II with a bronze plaque outside the Plumb Memorial Library.

The monument, dedicated in 1947, bears a dedication reading, “In memory of those who died in service,” above three columns containing 34 names. The monument also features a bronze eagle standing above crossed flags, the U.S. shield and the Army and Navy logos.

The monument stands in front of Shelton’s Plumb Memorial Library. The library was named for David Wells Plumb, a local businessman who served as president of Shelton’s first library, which opened in 1892 on the second floor of a downtown building. Plumb was advocating for a dedicated library when he died suddenly in 1893. After his death, his wife donated land and Plumb’s brother Horace financed the construction of the library building. The Plumb Memorial Library was dedicated in December of 1894, and was expanded in 1974.

David Wells Plumb is honored with a plaque just outside what used to be library’s main entrance on Wooster Street. The plaque depicts Wells and bears a dedication reading, “David Wells Plumb, in whose memory this building was erected and presented to the town of Huntington for a free public library in fulfillment of his known intentions.”

(Today, Huntington is a section within the city of Shelton, which was incorporated in 1917.)

Shelton’s World War II veterans are also honored with a monument along the downtown riverwalk.

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