Governors’ Monument, Milford

Governors' monument, Milford We conclude this week’s look at monuments in downtown Milford with a 1939 monument to three Milford residents who served the state of Connecticut as governors. The monument sits on a bridge across the Wepawaug River (named after the native settlers who sold Milford to colonists), northeast of the City Hall we featured earlier this week. 

Plaques on the north, south and west faces of the monument’s column outline the political career highlights of the three Milford governors:

  • Robert Treat (1622-1710) was one of Milford’s founders, and served as governor from 1683 until 1698. Treat was also a co-founder of Newark, NJ between 1665 and 1672. 
  • Jonathan Law (1672-1750) served as governor from 1742 to 1750. 
  • Charles Hobby Pond (1781-1861) served as governor from 1853 until 1854. 

All three men are buried in Milford Cemetery, and have several local streets and landmarks (including Jonathan Law High School) named after them. 

The monument sits on the Jefferson Bridge, so named because the first bridge on that location was built in 1802 during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. 

Governors' monument, Milford