Veterans’ Monument, Naugatuck

Veterans' Monument, NaugatuckWe conclude this week’s look at the monuments around the Naugatuck Town Green with the impressive Veterans’ Monument located at the northeast corner of the green, not far from the Civil War-era Soldiers’ Monument.

The monument features a central slab dominated by an eagle, the emblems (in stone and bronze) of the armed services and the inscription “Naugatuck honors the men and women who served their country in time of need.” The center column is flanked by four smaller slabs listing military conflicts since World War II, along with the names of local residents who died in those conflicts. 

The two columns listing residents lost in World War II carry 71 names. The Korea section lists five names, and the Vietnam section lists six names. 

Veterans' Monument, NaugatuckThe Lebanon section recognizes Dwayne W. Wigglesworth, who died in the 1983 Marine barracks bombing, and the Iraq section recognizes David T. Friedrich, an Army reservist who was killed in a 2003 mortar attack on his base. 

The monument also lists conflicts that aren’t commonly mentioned on local monuments, such as Grenada, Panama and Kosovo. 

Kudos to the Naugatuck Veterans Committee for recognizing the military contributions made on the nation’s behalf, regardless of the size or scope of the conflict. 






Veterans' and Soldiers' monuments, Naugatuck Green









World War II and Firefighter monuments, Milford

World War II monument, MilfordWe continue our look at downtown Milford monuments by examining the World War II monument at the east end of the Milford Green. The monument commemorates the local residents who served in the war, with five statues representing the contributions of local soldiers, seamen, airmen and nurses. 

The nearby memorial flagpole (mentioned in our post on the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ monument) near the center of the green lists the names of 78 residents who died in the war. 

Immediately west of the World War II monument is a monument dedicated to the firefighters who have been protecting Milford since the first company was founded in 1838. A bell, which summoned volunteer firefighters to Milford’s central firehouse between 1887 and the 1930s, sits mounted next to a granite marker that explains its history. The other side of the granite marker lists the names of six local firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty. 

World War II monument, Milford









World War II monument, Milford









World War II monument, Milford









Firefighters' monument, Milford









Firefighters' monument, Milford