World Trade Center Beam, Middletown

World Trade Center Beam, MiddletownMiddletown was one of several Connecticut communities that honored the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks Sunday by dedicating a portion of a steel beam recovered from one of the World Trade Center towers.

The beam was placed on display outside South Fire District headquarters on Randolph Road (Route 155).

Ceremonies commemorating the attacks were held state-wide, and sections of WTC beams were dedicated in Easton, Enfield, Manchester, Middletown, Ridgefield, Woodbridge and Stafford, and likely other communities as well.





World Trade Center Beam, Middletown









World Trade Center Beam, Middletown









World Trade Center Beam, Middletown










World Trade Center Beam, Middletown











General Mansfield and GAR Monuments, Middletown

Mansfield Monument, MiddletownU.S. Civil War Major General Joseph K. F. Mansfield and other local Civil War veterans are honored with monuments in Middletown’s Indian Hill Cemetery.

Gen. Mansfield was born in New Haven in 1803, and was a career Army officer who served in the Corps of Engineers after graduating from West Point. During his military service, Mansfield lived in Middletown, and his Main Street home has been restored by the Middlesex County Historical Society.

Mansfield was mortally wounded on Sept. 17, 1862, during the Battle of Antietam, and returned to Middletown for burial.

Joseph_K._MansfieldAn ornate sandstone monument honoring Mansfield and his family is located in a central area of Indian Hill Cemetery, which rises above Middletown’s Washington Street (CT Route 66).

An inscription on the front (west) face of the Mansfield monument bears the general’s name, date and place of death, and his age. The inscription on the east face honors his wife, Louisa, who died in 1880. Inscriptions on the north and south faces list the couple’s two children.

There is an interesting contrast between the Mansfield name at the bottom of the east and west faces. On the west face, it stands out from the bottom of the monument, while on the east face, it is recessed.

The sarcophagus-shaped monument is topped by an elaborate carving of a U.S. flag, a sword and a hat.

Mansfield Monument, MiddletownNot far from the Mansfield monument is an 1884 monument erected by the local Grand Army of the Republic (the veteran’s fraternal group formed after the Civil War) post that stands in a section of the cemetery reserved for local Civil War veterans.

The granite monument depicts an infantry solider holding a rifle. A dedication on the front (east) face reads “To the memory of deceased soldiers & sailors by Mansfield Post No. 53, Department of Conn. G.A.R., A.D. 1884.”

The other three faces of the monument are generally plain, other than Army Corps emblems just beneath the base supporting the figure.

Mansfield Monument, MiddletownThe area around the monument has a number of graves of Civil War veterans.

In this post’s bottom image, Gen. Mansfield’s monument can be seen in the left third of the picture, across the road from the GAR monument (in the gap between the large trees).

Mansfield Monument, Middletown

Mansfield Monument, Middletown

GAR Monument, Middletown

GAR Monument, Middletown

GAR Monument, Middletown


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Veterans’ Memorial Green, Middletown

24th CT Volunteers Monument, MiddletownA collection of monuments on Veterans’ Memorial Green along Washington Street in Middletown honors those who served in the Civil War, the two World Wars, Korea and Vietnam.

A 1904 monument near the western end of the green honors the 24th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, a Civil War unit that fought primarily in Louisiana. The monument features a short column flanked by two curved benches and a sphere topped by a bronze eagle. The front (north) face of the monument bears the numeral 24 in a wreath, and lists the battle of Port Hudson. A bronze plaque is inscribed with a dedication “Erected by members of the 24th C.V., citizens of Middletown and [the] state of Connecticut 1904.”

24th CT Volunteers Monument, MiddletownThe west face of the monument lists the battle of Irish Bend. The south face lists the battle of Donaldsonville, and bears a plaque honoring about 75 members of the regiment who were killed in action, had died from wounds, or had died after the war’s conclusion. The east face lists the battle of Baton Rouge.

Further east on the green, a polished black granite monument honors the veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars. Four large panels bears service emblems and the years of the two conflicts, as well as a dedication “Beyond the far Pacific to the rim of Asia they went – twice in a generation – to risk all for honor and freedom.”

The monument’s rear lists two residents who were killed in Vietnam.

Further east, a tall white obelisk honors 37 soldiers and sailors who died in World War I.  A plaque on the south side lists the names of the war heroes, while a plaque on the west side lists the names of seven battles.

24th CT Volunteers Monument, MiddletownNearby, three polished granite panels honor the service of World War II veterans. The front bears the dedications “Their devotion and sacrifices contributed to final victory” and “Dedicated to the men and women of Middletown who served in the armed forces of their country in time of war.”

The rear bears a bronze plaque with three columns listing residents who were lost in the war.

24th CT Volunteers Monument, Middletown

Korea and Vietnam Memorial, Middletown

Veterans' Memorial Green, Middletown

World War Monument, Middletown

World War II Monument, Middletown

World War II Monument, Middletown


Connecticut Historical Society: Civil War Monuments of Connecticut

Soldiers’ Monument, Middletown

Soldiers' Monument, MiddletownWe start this week’s look at the impressive war monuments in Middletown at the city’s South Green, where local residents lost in the Civil War are honored with the 1874 Soldiers’ Monument.

The monument features a bronze infantry figure atop a granite base. A dedication on the front (northeast) face of the monument reads “erected by the town of Middletown to the memory of her fallen sons 1874.” The front also has a bronze plaque depicting a farming family and a scrolling ribbon bearing an additional dedication “their heroic valor ensured our lasting peace.”

A small round plaque set just below the soldier’s feet bears the additional inscription “Honor to the brave” inside an ornamental wreath.

Soldiers' Monument, MiddletownThe northwest, southwest and southeast sides of the monument bear large plaques listing the name, regimental affiliation, and date and place of death of local residents who were killed in action, died of wounds, in prison or after the war.

The rear (southwest) side also features a bronze inset with a wreath and the inscription “we cherish their memory.” The southeast face features a small bust of Abraham Lincoln, and the northwest face has a bronze inset depicting George Washington.”

The first name listed on the southeast face is Maj. Gen. Joseph Mansfield, a Middletown native who was killed in the battle of Antietam. His grave, and a GAR monument near it, will be featured in Friday’s post.

Soldiers' Monument, MiddletownThe infantry statue atop the monument was cast in Chicopee, Mass., and bears the name of sculptor M.H. Mossman on the northwest base of the statue.

The base of the Soldier’s Monument is surrounded by four Confederate cannons.

Across Main Street, two large plaques honor Middletown residents who served in World War I. The plaques were attached to the outside walls of an armory building that was later converted into an inn.

Soldiers' Monument, Middletown

Soldiers' Monument, Middletown

World War  Honor Roll, Middletown

State Veterans’ Cemetery, Middletown

Today, on Memorial Day, we pause to remember the sacrifice of the Connecticut veterans who gave, in the words of President Lincoln, “the last full measure of devotion.” 

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State Veterans' Cemetery, Middletown









State Veterans' Cemetery, Middletown