Soldiers’ Monument, Terryville

Soldiers' Monument, TerryvilleAn obelisk in Terryville’s Hillside Cemetery honors the service of local residents killed in the Civil War.

The dedication date of the monument, in the Terryville section of Plymouth, was not recorded. But like its neighbor on the Plymouth green, its unadorned design indicates it was probably erected in 1865 or 1866.

Bronze tablets listing residents killed during the war were added in 1983 because the original inscriptions had faded and were difficult to read.

The monument does not have a formal dedication message, other than the word “Soldiers” on its front (southwest) face. The bronze plaque above this dedication lists the names, ages and dates of death of six residents who were lost in the war.

The southeast and northeast face of the monuments both honor six residents, and five people are honored on the northwest face of the monument.

Looking at the ages of the Civil War heroes from Terryville reminds us of the relative youth of the soldiers involved in the conflict (as well as those serving the nation today). Of the 23 people listed on the monument, 11 died in their twenties, and six were killed in their teens. Three men were killed in their thirties, and three more in their forties.

Soldiers' Monument, TerryvilleA number of veterans from the Civil War and later conflicts are buried in the section surrounding the monument. 








Soldiers' Monument, Terryville










Soldiers' Monument, Terryville










Soldiers' Monument, Terryville













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