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Ansonia honors veterans lost in the nation’s 20th Century Wars with a collection of monuments near City Hall.

Veterans’ Memorial Park, immediately next to City Hall, features a large granite monument inset with three polished black granite panels. A dedication on the front (west) face of the monument’s central section reads, “This memorial is dedicated by the grateful citizens of the City of Ansonia to preserve and honor the memory of all those brave men and women who served our country so selflessly in time of conflict.”

The northern section of the monument, dedicated in 1999, honors “friends, neighbors and relatives” lost in the two World Wars. The monument lists the names of about 32 World War I heroes and about 70 who were killed in World War II.

The southern panel honors two residents who died in the Korean War and nine who were killed in Vietnam.

At the southern side of the park, a monument erected by the Veterans of Foreign Wars honors all U.S. war veterans.

In front of City Hall, a monument dedicated on Veterans’ Day in 1959 offers similar gratitude for the service of Ansonia’s war veterans, and praises those who made the supreme sacrifice.

Another monument to the south of the veterans’ memorial honors the service of Ansonia’s volunteer firefighters. The firefighter monument was dedicated in 1990.

Ansonia’s World War II, Korea and Vietnam veterans from the Woodbridge Avenue neighborhood are further honored with an honor roll monument that traces its roots back to 1942.

Ansonia’s Civil War veterans are honored with an 1876 monument in the city’s Pine Grove Cemetery.


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