Soldiers Monument, Unionville

The Civil War monument in Unionville, CT, was dedicated in 1916.


Soldiers’ Monument, Mystic

Mystic’s Civil War monument, at the intersection of East Main Street and Broadway Avenue, was dedicated in 1883.

Soldiers’ Monument, Ansonia

The Soldiers’ Monument in Ansonia’s Pine Grove Cemetery was dedicated in 1876 to honor local heroes killed in the Civil War.

Veterans Memorial, Avon

Veterans Memorial, AvonA red granite memorial with several panels honors Avon’s war heroes and veterans.

The central panel of the monument, at the intersection of West Main Street (Routes 44 and 202) and Ensign Drive, honors Avon residents who died during service in the country’s wars. The panel lists one veteran who died during the Mexican War; 25 during the Civil War; 13 from World War II; and two from Vietnam.

Veterans Memorial, AvonThe memorial’s other six panels list veterans of the wars between the Mexican War and the first Persian Gulf War in the early 1990s.

The monument also features a granite podium inscribed with “Dedicated to veterans of all wars,” the name of the local VFW post, and the monument’s dedication dates in 1986 and 1996.

Veterans Memorial, Avon






Veterans Memorial, Avon