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Dave PellandCT provides weekly  posts describing historical monuments and sites in  Connecticut (mostly). We roam from Thompson to Salisbury, and from Greenwich to Stonington, to examine the events, sacrifices and heroism that Connecticut residents have chosen to commemorate.

We look at monuments, plaques, battlefields and other landmarks to highlight the historical and artistic significance of the monuments on our town greens and noteworthy buildings.

Some questions you may have:


We’ve always been interested in local history, and monuments sit at the intersection of history and public art. Just like hemlines and neckties, monument design goes through trends that reflect the era in which they were dedicated.

We also believe it’s important for people to understand the sacrifices that were made on their behalf, and the significant events that our ancestors felt were worth commemorating.

How do you pick the monuments to highlight?

It depends. Life, errands and daytrips to various parts of Connecticut may bring us near some monuments, while others will be part of trips where we cluster the monuments in several nearby towns.

As we’ve ventured through Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey, we’ve highlighted a few historic sites in those states as well.

Hey, you missed one!

Which could happen. We’re not ruling out highlighting one monument and accidentally overlooking another one nearby. Sometimes we may be saving a monument for a future post, but not always. Please use the contact form to make sure.

How do I make a suggestion?

Please use the contact form to email the site’s editor, Dave Pelland.

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