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Dave Pelland on November 27th, 2009

Bethel honors its World War I veterans with a local version of a notable Doughboy statue. The monument features one of two copies of a statue by sculptor E.M. Viquesney known formally as the “Spirit of the American Doughboy.” At least 138 other versions of this statue are displayed in the United States, including a […]

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Dave Pelland on November 25th, 2009

Bethel honors 14 Civil War heroes with a granite monument at the top of a hill in Center Cemetery. The monument, dedicated in 1892, was carved from a 14-foot block of solid granite and features distinctive carvings. A dedication on the front (north) face reads, “In memory of the soldiers and sailors of Bethel who […]

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Dave Pelland on November 23rd, 2009

A tall monument topped by an allegorical standard-bearer honors Newtown’s soldiers and sailors. The monument features three pillars rising from a base dominated by benches. A dedication on the west face of the monument’s base reads, “Newtown remembers with grateful prayers and solemn vows her sacred dead [and] her honored living who ventured all unto […]

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Dave Pelland on November 20th, 2009

A doughboy statue in the southeast corner of New York City’s DeWitt Clinton Park honors residents of the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood lost in World War I. A dedication on the front (south) side of the monument’s base features the conclusion of John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields.” The excerpt reads, “If ye break faith with […]

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Dave Pelland on November 18th, 2009

Madison honors its war veterans with an 1897 memorial hall on the outskirts of the town green. Marble plaques mounted near the main (southwest) entrance to the building list the names, rank and regimental affiliation of “Madison volunteers in the war for the Union 1861-1865.” The plaques both have about 68 names each. Immediately alongside […]

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Dave Pelland on November 16th, 2009

A large cannon honoring Civil War and American Revolution veterans is one of several war memorials on the East Haven green. The cannon, a Civil War Rodman Gun, was dedicated in 1911. A plaque on the western face of its base reads, “This tribute to the worth of her sons, who have by land and […]

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Dave Pelland on November 13th, 2009

On Veterans’ Day, the city of Bridgeport dedicated a monument to its Korean War heroes. The new monument joins the World War II memorial dedicated in June, the 1932 World War memorial and the 1983 Vietnam memorial at the western end of McLevy Hall, a former City Hall building that hosted an 1860 speech by […]

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Dave Pelland on November 11th, 2009

An 1867 marble statue depicting a Civil War cavalry officer being greeted by a young girl stands outside Connecticut’s home for veterans in Rocky Hill. The statue was originally located in Darien at the state’s first veterans’ facility, Fitch’s Home for Soldiers and Orphans. That facility was founded by Benjamin Fitch, a wealthy dry goods […]

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Dave Pelland on November 9th, 2009

Portland honors its Civil War heroes with an 1872 obelisk made from local brownstone. The front (northwest) face of the obelisk bears the dedication, “Erected May 30, 1872, by the town of Portland to the memory of her brave sons who gave their lives in defence of the Union during the war of the rebellion […]

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Dave Pelland on November 6th, 2009

A 1928 flagpole in the center of the New Haven Green’s eastern section honors residents lost in the First World War. The dedication on the east face of the monument’s eight-sided base reads, “In grateful memory of her heroic sons who fell in the service of their country, 1917-1918, the city of New Haven erects […]

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