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Veterans’ Monument, HarwintonHarwinton honors its veterans of the World Wars, Korea and Vietnam with a monument on an historic green.

The undated monument, near the intersection of South Road and Litchfield Road (Route 4), stands near the north end of the green.

The monument is a granite block with an aluminum plaque on its front (north) face that bears an inscription reading, “Dedicated to those who served our country.”

Beneath the dedication, a section dedicated to World War I veterans lists nine names.

Veterans’ Monument, HarwintonA section listing World War II veterans includes 137 names, and honors nine who died during their World War II service.

The monument also lists the names of 37 residents who served in Korea, and 80 who served in Vietnam.

To the northeast of the monument, a 1976 historic marker erected by the town and the Connecticut Historical Commission provides a brief history of Harwinton.

To the east of the monument, the brick building in the left background of some photos is the 1915 Community Hall, which replaced a building erected around 1840. The original building served as Harwinton’s Town Hall and an Episcopal Church.

Veterans’ Monument, HarwintonAt the western edge of the green (part of the Litchfield-South Roads Historic District) stands a 2006 replica of a signpost that has stood, in one form or another, on the location for more than 200 years. In addition to directions and distances to nearby communities, the post was used to display municipal notices.








Veterans’ Monument, Harwinton








Veterans’ Monument, Harwinton











Signpost, Harwinton










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