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War Memorial Boulder, NorthfordA boulder on Middletown Avenue in the Northford section of North Branford honors local residents who served in the wars between the American Revolution and World War II.

The boulder was first dedicated in 1920, when the bronze plaque on the front (east) face honored veterans of the American Revolution, Civil War and the World War. The monument’s dedication reads “Erected in 1920 by the Society of Northford in honor of her sons who answered their country’s call.”

The American Revolution section lists 50 names. The Civil War section lists 32 names, and the World War Honor Roll lists nine names.

The boulder sits in a small triangular area where Middletown Avenue intersects with Clintonville and Old Post roads. The church uphill from the monument is the Northford Congregational Church.

War Memorial Boulder, NorthfordThe rear side of the monument bears an undated plaque (obviously added after the war) that honors World War II veterans. The plaque lists the names of 78 local residents who served in the war, with stars indicating the names of two residents who were killed in the conflict. 







War Memorial Boulder, Northford












War Memorial Boulder, Northford










War Memorial Boulder, Northford










Connecticut Historical Society: Civil War Monuments of Connecticut


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