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War Memorial, RidgefieldA large rectangular monument on Main Street in Ridgefield honors local residents who served in wars between the American Revolution and World War I. 

The monument, on Main Street in front of the Methodist Church, was dedicated in 1925. The front (east) face of the monument bears the dedication “To the memory of the citizens of Ridgefield who served their country in the wars of the republic 1775-1918. Erected by the people of Ridgefield MCMXXIV (1924)”

The east plaque, along with the dedication, bears ornate decorative details that include cannons, flags, medals, a propeller, a scale and a variety of other symbols and interlocking lines. 

War Memorial, RidgefieldThe west (rear) side of the monument (facing Main Street from the church grounds) honors veterans of the War of the Revolution (nearly 250 names), War of 1812 (five names) and Mexican War (two names). 

The south side bears a plaque listing two names of Spanish-American War veterans as well as nearly 150 names of World War veterans. (The shrubbery on this side of the monument is nearly touching the plaque, and could use some trimming.)

The north side plaque honors 185 Civil War veterans. 

War Memorial, Ridgefield
War Memorial, Ridgefield

Connecticut Historical Society: Civil War Monuments of Connecticut


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