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Fairfield honors local veterans with a large honor roll display on the town’s historic green.

The honor roll features seven large panels with the names of local residents who served in the nation’s 20th century wars as well as on the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Starting at the far left, the Korea war section has 10 columns of names engraved on small aluminum plaques. The World War I section displays seven columns of names.

The three central panels honoring World War II veterans each feature 16 columns of names, while the “Persian Gulf” panel honors residents who served in the 1990 Gulf War, the current fighting in Iraq in Afghanistan, and other conflicts including Lebanon, Grenada, the Dominican Republic, and Panama.

The far right panel included 10 columns of names honoring local Vietnam veterans.

The site is also decorated with flagpoles, shrubbery and two benches.

Directly behind the honor roll monument, a boulder commemorates the 1639 founding of Fairfield and the 1779 burning of the town by British forces during the American Revolution. The boulder was dedicated in 1900 by a local DAR chapter.

Also near the honor roll is a boulder, dedicated in 1979, that honors local Vietnam War veterans.

The honor roll stands in front of Fairfield’s Old Town Hall, sections of which date back to 1794. A 1936 plaque inside the building describes its history and its expansion in 1870.

World War I veterans are also listed on a 1919 Honor Roll just off the Town Hall lobby. Its location in a narrow hallway made photography challenging.

A plaque outside Town Hall commemorates a 1984 campaign appearance by President Ronald Reagan.


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