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A large boulder in the Devon section of Milford once served as a lookout station during the American Revolution.

Liberty Rock, the highest point in its neighborhood, was used during the revolution to observe nearby Long Island Sound as well as the Boston Post Road.

The large boulder, originally known as Hog Rock, was renamed Liberty Rock in 1897. A brief dedication was carved into the rock’s southern face.

The rock once had a plaque under the carved dedication, but the plaque was removed at some point over the year.

The boulder is now the central feature of a small park that was restored in 2006.

During the restoration, a marker explaining the site’s history was added, as were pathways, a flagpole and stone benches. A series of small markers atop wooden stanchions added at the time have mostly been removed by vandals.

The site stands on the Post Road, alongside the on/off ramp to Interstate 95’s Exit 34.


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