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Memorial Gun, RowaytonThe Rowayton section of Norwalk honors local veterans with a Civil War cannon mounted at the intersection of Rowayton and Wilson avenues.

The memorial gun, a 100-pounder Parrott rifle, was dedicated in 1901 to honor local Civil War veterans.

A dedication engraved on the front (north) face of the monument’s base reads, “Memorial gun. Reminding us of the heroic deeds of our soldiers and sailors of the Republic in the War of the Rebellion for the preservation of the Union. Erected 1901. From USS Tallapoosa.”

Memorial Gun, RowaytonThe monument’s west face bears a plaque honoring local World War I veterans. The bronze plaque lists 15 names, and honors one local resident who died in the conflict.

The east face of the monuments base bears a plaque honoring local World War II veterans. The plaque lists about 176 names, and highlights one resident killed during the war.

The cannon was made in 1864 at the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, New York. It was used on the USS Tallapoosa, a gunship built at the Boston Navy Yard in 1864. The Tallapoosa helped maintain the blockade of Confederate ports during the way, and was used for transport, training and dispatch after the war.

Memorial Gun, RowaytonThe Tallapoosa sank in 1884 following a collision off Vineyard Haven, Mass., but was raised and rebuilt. The ship was decommissioned and sold in Uruguay in 1892.

The Tallapoosa image below and information is from the Naval Historical Center.




Memorial Gun, Rowayton







Memorial Gun, Rowayton








Memorial Gun, Rowayton








USS Tallapoosa









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