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War Memorial, Hinsdale, Mass.Hinsdale, Massachusetts, honors its war veterans with a memorial outside the town’s library.

The monument, near the intersection of South Street (Route 8) and Maple Street (Route 143), was dedicated in 1923 and features a Civil War cannon.

A dedication plaque on the northeast face of the monument’s base reads, “This memorial was erected by the Town of Hinsdale and dedicated May 30, 1923. The Civil War tablet and the cannon and balls used in the Civil War, are the gift of Francis E. Warren, soldier and statesman, United States Senator from Wyoming, a native of Hinsdale, award [the] Medal of Honor as follows; ‘Volunteered in response to a call and took part in the movement that was made upon the enemy’s work under a heavy fire therefrom in advance of the general assault.’”

War Memorial, Hinsdale, Mass.A plaque on the southwest face lists Hinsdale’s World War II veterans in four columns.

A plaque on the northwest face honors veterans of the American Revolution, Spanish-American War, World War I, and fighting along the Mexican border in 1916.

A plaque on the southeast face honors Hinsdale’s Civil War veterans.

The cannon was used in the siege and battle of Port Hudson, Louisiana. Warren, who also served as governor of Wyoming, was honored for his actions during that battle and donated the cannon to Hinsdale. A U.S. Air Force missile base in Wyoming is named after Warren.

War Memorial, Hinsdale, Mass.The cannon’s carriage was replaced during a restoration of the monument in 2006.

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War Memorial, Hinsdale, Mass.











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