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Centennial Monument, BridgeportBridgeport honors the 100th anniversary of its founding (and the U.S. bicentennial) with a granite memorial on a pre-colonial era militia ground.

The Centennial Monument, near the intersection of North Avenue (Route 1) and Brooklawn Avenue, stands at the southeast corner of the Clinton Park Militia Grounds.

Centennial Monument, BridgeportThe memorial bears a large centennial emblem featuring the City of Bridgeport seal, and the date of the city’s founding in 1836. The top of the monument features an engraved band depicting a school, factory and housing from then-modern Bridgeport.

The monument was dedicated in October of 1936 by longtime mayor Jasper McLevy.

Centennial Monument, BridgeportForty years later, a dedication including an inscription reading “Thank God for America” was added to commemorate the U.S. bicentennial.

In the northwest corner of the militia grounds, a 1901 memorial gate stands at the entrance of Stratfield Cemetery. Two granite markers on the gates list American Revolution veterans buried within the cemetery.

Centennial Monument, Bridgeport






Centennial Monument, Bridgeport






Centennial Monument, Bridgeport










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